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Composition is the evolution of Top Copy Communications, a copywriting agency established in London in 1997. We opened our doors in Cape Town in 2009. We are copywriters and photographers based at the tip of Africa, but servicing the world.

We use words and images to reveal the authentic human stories that reflect the hopes, fears, challenges, achievements of every project and organisation we work with. We look beyond the clichéd poses. We write from the heart. And we’re genuinely interested and excited by the endless potential that your work has to build a better world.

We’re inspired by the Magnum masters who have perfected the art of documentary photography.

We’ve spent years telling the stories of corporate CSR programmes, NGOs and social impact organisations through with compelling copy and intriguing photography.

We have sound knowledge of reporting governance.

Our fresh approach combines substance with accessibility without compromise.

We believe in the innate humanity of people. We want to share the real stories of those who are doing incredible work to build their communities. We are inspired by the compassion of others.

We know how to connect images with the written word stories.

We are

Experienced | Curious | Interested and interesting | Well-travelled and well-read | Community-minded | Professional | Relationship-builders | Driven by a deep desire to contribute to building a better world

Patrick McKenna –


At 6ft 3in and born long after the war ended, Patrick quickly realised he would never fulfil his childhood ambitions of being a jockey or a WW2 Spitfire pilot. So he moved on to make the most of his talent as a freelance copywriter. He has been a freelance copywriter for over 25 years and has worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the UK. He established Top Copy Communications in London 1997, which evolved into Composition. Since then has built a reputation among our many local and international corporate clients for precise and concise copywriting and as a photographer with an eye for texture, colour and unexpected compositions.

Hilary Alexander –

strategist and writer 

Ever since she was a little girl Hilary has loved working with language and words, and it shows in everything she writes. She has over 20 years’ experience as a business communicator, with a deep insight into the full spectrum of business communications. She has worked as a freelance copywriter and communication strategist in the UK and South Africa, and has a particular interest in working with clients whose work has the potential to make real, positive change in the world. Hilary believes that architects, engineers and social designers are heroes!

We also work with a network of skilled, trusted designers, web developers, event designers, and writers who augment our services when we need to.