Welcome to Composition, the new face and name for Top Copy Communications. This is a new chapter in our story.

Where we started

In 1997, Patrick left the agency world to kick off his career as a freelance writer. He launched Top Copy Communications in April of that year. Back then, printer’s proofs were delivered by courier, client instructions were issued by fax and people still called each other on the phone when they wanted to talk.

Hilary joined the business in 2007, fresh from a career in marketing management, PR and advertising. She was responding to the siren call of her first love: writing. Times had changed even within those ten short years. The iPhone had made its debut on the world stage, Facebook was still a fledgling and Google was starting to monopolize the world’s search habits.

In 2009, Top Copy Communications opened its doors in Cape Town. Rapidly advancing technology was making it even more possible to work from anywhere. We continued to service clients in the UK and elsewhere, while setting down deep roots on the African continent. At that point, people were just starting to get their heads around Twitter’s micro-blogging format, Android was beginning to raise its green head above the parapet and video games where going mobile.

Our own evolution

By 2017, global nuclear policy was being debated in 280 characters, housewives were investing in Bitcoin and machine learning was moving from sci-fi fantasy into an inevitable reality. In the same way that technology was evolving, we were too. In that same year we decided to take Top Copy Communications into a new era. We gave our wardrobe a bit of a shake up and gave ourselves a new name, new logo and new look. This website is our new shop window. We expanded our services to incorporate photography, and focused more deliberately on the kind of work we do. The result is Composition, conceived to tell your stories through words and images.

Welcome to our next new chapter. We’d love to know what you think, and of course, to work with you. How can we help you tell your story?